Food & Beverage Coupon Avialable to use any night or day of the week, please show your waiter or bartender when you arrive.

Food & Beverage Gift Card

  • Gift certificates are only available to use during single visit and only to the amount stated of purchase, any remaining value on the certificate once you leave will then be null and void.


    Certificate can not be traded in for cash at any point, of full amounts or any outstanding amounts remaining.


    Certificate my only be used for goods and services that are legally supplied by The Vineyard Restaurant St Kilda.


    Certificates must be used by the expiry stated on the certificate, and if certificate is not signed by the owners or General manger are not valid.

    The Vineyard Restaurant St Kilda follows the Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) laws in this state and will disregard any remining amounts of certificates if the RSA laws are broken by the certificate holder.


    Sorry about all the law talk but it has to be said, but now please enjoy and have fun!